Juan Sowden

Software developer
Technology enthusiast

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About Me

I like to explore technology; its one of the fastest changing element in the world, there is always something new. As a result, I am studying at the University of South Africa for my national diploma in information technology.

I have done quite a few subjects in the field of programming including C, VB, JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, HTML, and a few others. Naturally I like to tinker around with hardware; I am always looking at improving my own system and combining different systems to achieve a goal. This helps me learn new things faster.

I also like to play lots of games, I find it's a very interesting story telling medium where a person is part of the experience. Some anime is also in the order of things, limited by art skills and imagination; I have seen that anime can include multiple topics of interest.


You can drop me a mail on juan@ayanami.co.za

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